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Current Phillips Foundation Projects:

The Phillips Foundation Vocational Graphics Learning Center

This facility will be inside the Tramway Non-Profit Center currently located across the street from the Wyatt Edison school.  We will have fifteen or more fully functioning, high-end graphics workstations plus a master station for the instructor. These will be accompanied by a RIP (print) specific computer running two large format printers, a plotter, and a laminator.  Moreover, we will have a large layout table and multiple sets of tools/install equipment for the students to use.  Vocational lessons include but are not limited to: basic graphic design, computer navigation and file organization, output of files to the printer and plotter, and install/removal of computer printed vinyl on multiple substrates including vehicles.  Computer graphics are a huge part of everyday life in the modern world, from stop signs to full semi wraps and everything in between.  The students will graduate this course with a skill set that can be used anywhere in the world for immediate employment.  

The Phillips Foundation is looking for people and businesses to reach out and commit to supporting this project by not only monetary offerings, but by thinking actively about ways to give the program inertia.  These could be projects like banners, decals, small signage, and vehicle lettering / wrapping.  As the Learning Center develops, we will have the opportunity to cater to the Non Profit Oranizations and schools involved making this a  great resource to get printing and graphic design done quickly and inexpensively.  We could expand the Graphics Center to include large volume offset printing and screen printing making it a major supplier for the whole NPO conglomerate.  I have always been driven to create positive learning environments and opportunities, especially for underprivileged families.  Working together we can continue to improve the Cole neighborhood and the lives of people within it.
~ Chuck Phillips

Here is a link to an article written in a local magazine (Urban Spectrum, page 11) about Chuck and his ventures...

If you would like to donate to our cause or need information regarding graphics, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

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