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Chuck Phillips

The Phillips Foundation was established in 1999. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to rebuilding the community with projects such as the Renovation of the Historic Wyatt School House, which now houses the Wyatt Academy housing over 600 students.  The Phillips Family Trust, which owns the building, leases the property to Wyatt Academy, for only one dollar a year. As if to make the deal more sweet, the duration of their lease is 40 years!

Charles "Chuck" Phillips is an entrepreneur and has a long history of Philanthropy in the state of Colorado. In 1953, at the age of seventeen, Chuck decided to venture out of his small town of Okmulgee, Oklahoma and move to Denver to find work.  Chuck set off to explore the world with $3.00 and a bus ticket, and with only $0.30 in his pocket, Chuck stepped off the bus at Colfax and York Street in the early fifties. 

Work was not easy to find so during his first year in Colorado. Chuck lived as a street person for three months. Over the next three years he held various odd jobs to earn a living. Chuck's first break in life came when he got a job at Hertz rent a truck in 1958, where he worked for the next three years. During this period his employer encouraged him to continue his education. Chuck took his advice and entered the Emily Griffith Opportunity School in 1960 where he studied and learned his skills in auto body repair. 

After attending school and working at Hertz, Chuck received additional training in auto body repair. Over the next year; Chuck worked at Vic's Auto Body 8 hours a day, five days a week for no pay. To make ends meet Chuck also needed to work an additional full time job. Keeping his days occupied for up to 16 hours during the week. After his one year apprenticeship, Chuck became a full time (paid) employee and eventually a shop foreman. 

Chuck felt it was time to challenge himself and become the entrepreneur that was destined for him. He eventually established his own body shop and pursued that career over the next ten years, owning several body shops and auto salvage yards. He also ventured into other business entities that would further develop into providing more for the community.

During this same time Chuck became interested in trying to help the disadvantaged people in Denver's Cole neighborhood.  Through training and education, which were the building blocks of his own success, Chuck made available a place wherein futures could be made. He established The Phillips Foundation and purchased the old historical trolley car building at 35th Avenue and Franklin Street. This building is over 123 years old now, and known as the Tramway Non Profit Center.  Mr. Phillips began renovating the building to become an education and training center. As love would have it Mr. Phillips continues to develop and execute community projects. 

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